Unicorn Trend: Unicorn and Stardust Studs
Wherever you look, there’s no escaping the unicorn fever. Although the unicorn trend isn’t new, it’s quite persistent: It seems that there’s nothing that doesn’t exist as a unicorn version. Be it mugs, clothing, smartphone covers, cosmetics, food and drinks — products with a unicorn motif are high in demand. That includes jewelry, of course.

Studex, the world’s leading manufacturer of ear piercing systems and skin-friendly earrings, has responded to the unicorn trend and offers hypoallergenic unicorn studs for ear piercing with Studex System75 as well as regular (non-piercing) earrings as part of the Sensitive by Studex collection. Unicorn earrings are often worn as part of a combination of multiple earrings per ear, together with sparkling star-shaped earrings. For stardust and unicorns belong together, after all.

Unicorn Trend: Why Are Unicorns So Popular?

Many people love unicorns because they can identify with this mythical creature. This covers all age groups, since unicorns are a lifestyle topic. For some, the unicorn trend is about expressing that they are special and unique. They want to sparkle and shine. For others, escapism is the underlying motive, i.e. escaping the real world and withdrawing into an imaginary world. And yet others seek to hold on to their childhood beliefs in miracles, magic, and the good in the world.

For Big and Little Unicorn Fans

Unicorn and stardust earrings will still be popular in 2018, for there’s no end in sight yet for the unicorn trend. Therefore, let the world sparkle wherever you go. Unicorn earrings are a wonderful little gift — for yourselves or your loved ones. Never grow up.

Picture above (from left to right): 1. unicorn, 5.5 mm; 2./3. glitter star, 6.5 mm, 2. white, 3. white, gold plated, also in red; 4. Cubic Zirconia, 5 mm, star cut, pink, prong setting, also in white and/or gold plated (Sensitive); 5. fire ball, crystal, 4.5 mm, also in AB crystal, rose, aquamarine, tanzanite, Capri blue and in 6 or 8 mm (Sensitive); 6. April crystal, 2 or 3 mm, bezel setting, also gold plated; 7. Cubic Zirconia, 2, 3 or 4 mm, prong setting, gold plated. 1.-7. Material: surgical stainless steel, some gold plated, 6./7. also in 14 karat or 18 karat yellow gold, also rhodium plated (white).

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