Summer tips: A sun hat is ideal to protect newly pierced ears
The summer, and especially the summer break, is the ideal time to have your ears pierced. Removed from the daily grind it’s easier to not only become accustomed to the new earrings, but to the necessary care routine. It’s especially convenient for parents whose children have the time to learn how to care for their new ear piercings. This care requires very little time, but two minutes more or less in the morning can often be the deciding factor in whether your child catches the bus to school or not.

Many parents choose the summer break on purpose because they want to grant their child’s wish for earrings for their first day of school. Many encourage their child’s sense of responsibility in this way, allowing their children to take over the care of their ear piercings according to their instructions. Longer earrings should be removed during physical activities. Sometimes even small earrings should be removed for safety reasons. Since new piercing studs must remain in place for six weeks without removing them, summer break is an especially good time for new ear piercings, just in case earrings are not permitted during physical education classes or in sports clubs.

The following summer tips provide answers to questions we are often asked:

Can we go on a vacation with newly pierced ears?

Yes, that’s not a problem if you remember to continue with your or your child’s care routine twice daily. Just remember to pack your Studex After Piercing Lotion and some cotton pads. Choose the 100 ml bottle to make sure you have enough care lotion with you. If your vacation involves flying, remember to pack your care products in clear zip lock bags as required by most airlines. It’s also a good idea to bring along wet wipes for your hands. This way you can also care for your piercings while you are underway in case you don’t have the chance to wash your hands first.

Can I go swimming with my new ear piercings?

Summer tips: Lakes and ocean water are better for newly pierced ears than chlorine pools
During the healing period (6 weeks for earlobes, 12 weeks for ear cartilage) it’s best to avoid swimming. After all, each piercing results in a small wound, which should be kept as clean and sterile as possible. Public swimming pools are often contaminated with germs, especially bacteria. And pools that use chlorine may cause problems, since chlorine and its byproducts can dry out and irritate your skin. Lakes or oceans may be contaminated with germs, too.

Therefore, if you decide to go swimming anyway, we recommend that you follow your swim with your usual care routine using an appropriate ear piercing care product. You may also use a waterproof bandage, which you should remove after swimming. Remember to clean your hands first. Sand can be rinsed off your ears with clean water.

How do I protect my ears from getting a sunburn?

Your ears are very sensitive and should be protected from the sun. However, you should not use any sunscreen if you have new piercings. Instead protect your ears or your child’s ears with a sun hat or a head scarf.


New ear piercings are never a problem, whether you are on vacation, at the beach, hiking or while engaged in a number of other activities. You will quickly get used to the necessary care routine. And when you return from your vacation, well rested and in a good mood, your new earrings will give you that added, special glow. 🙂

Note: As mentioned in our Terms of Use, these tips should not be viewed as medical advice. If you have medical questions or concerns, please consult your physician.