'markt intern' marketing award for Studex
I must admit—we are proud: Following a Germany-wide brand campaign, “Brands Are Worth Their Weight In Gold”, Studex was presented with a marketing award by industry information service “markt intern”.

The purpose of this brand campaign, in which Studex participated, was to highlight not only the top quality of consumer brand products, but also the service excellence of medium-sized retail and trade businesses. We announced the campaign here in our Trend Blog as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Managing director Juergen Weiss and sales and marketing manager Corinna Selzle of Studex Europe with 'markt intern' editor-in-chief Sandra Kinder
Three Reasons For Joy
When Sandra Kinder, Watches & Jewelry editor-in-chief at “markt intern”, arrived at our European headquarters in Eckental near Nuremberg for the official award presentation, she was all smiles. The “markt intern” publishing house had organized the brand campaign throughout its various categories—encompassing a multitude of specialty retail and trade publications. Studex succeeded in securing the marketing award for the watches and jewelry industry.

In previous years the marketing award had always been given to retail stores, for example for an incredible window display or successful marketing letter. Studex is the first manufacturer to be presented with the award. Additionally, “markt intern”‘s seven-member judging panel for the first time recognized “exceptional social media activities” with its selection.

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For Juergen Weiss, Managing Director of Studex Europe, Corinna Selzle, Sales and Marketing Manager, and me, this award is a wonderful confirmation that we are on the right path with our tips and recommendations for all of you. The timing could not have been better: Corinna received the news of our victory concurrent with the beginning of our international marketing meeting in Malta. So Juergen, before an international Studex team from Europe and the United States, was able to make the big announcement of our success, and I was met by the thunderous applause from the whole team. Wow, I was simply stunned!

Here is a link to the “markt intern” article about the marketing award for Studex (German).