Little Heroes: Earrings for Children

Children are little heroes. They may not always wear capes, but with their energy, creativity and imagination, they turn every day into a new adventure. Would you like to grant your little heroine or little hero their wish for beautiful, new earrings, too? Then participate in the great STUDEX “Little Heroes” photo and drawing contest.

Little Heroes: Earrings for Children
Parents who send us a photo of their child or a picture drawn by their child during the promotion period can participate in a photo and drawing contest and win the following*:

  • 2 pairs of hypoallergenic earrings of the Sensitive for Kids and Sensitive by STUDEX collections: 1 x cherries, 1 x Cubic Zirconia
  • 1 cuddly stuffed animal surprise
  • 1 STUDEX treasure box to store earrings and other little treasures and keepsakes
  • 3 sheets of STUDEX glitter tattoos
  • 1 craft sheet for your personal “Little Heroes” mask
  • 1 STUDEX memory game
  • and a collection of other STUDEX goodies.

How to Participate and Win With Your Child

External link to Little Heroes video on YouTubeCheck out the STUDEX websites in the following participating countries and read the Terms and Conditions for your country:

Good luck!
Your STUDEX team

*in the countries listed, at select STUDEX partners, while supplies last, promotion period per country as given on each country website


Earrings for Children: Little Heroine with new earrings
Little Heroine with new earrings: Little Heroine with new earrings
STUDEX Partners: Hypoallergenic Earrings for Children

Find a STUDEX Partner for Ear Piercing for Your Child…

…via our Contact page. Ask your STUDEX partner for our hypoallergenic children’s earrings for ear piercing with STUDEX System75, such as cherries, ice cream cone, ladybug, butterfly, daisy, strawberry, heart, unicorn, flamingo, panda, polar bear, and many more.

Little Heroes mask

Craft Instructions “Little Heroes” Mask

At your STUDEX partner* or in our prize package, your child will receive a craft sheet for his or her personal “Little Heroes” mask. In addition, you can find a craft sheet for printing here (click on the picture). There are different sizes for parents, children, and stuffed animals.

What your child needs:

  • crayons, felt tip pens or colored pencils
  • scissors
  • rubber band or string (for fastening)

We recommend that you glue the version for printing on a piece of cardboard (e.g. cereal box).

Little hero and hero mom
Instructions for your child:

  1. Color the mask.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and cut out the mask at the outer edge along the dotted line.
  3. Then cut out the holes for the eyes along the dotted line.
  4. Pierce holes with a pen or scissors in the dotted circles on the right and left.
  5. Pull a rubber band or string through these small holes and fasten it.

And there it is – your “Little Heroes” mask.

*at select STUDEX partners, while supplies last