With its Kids Line, Studex is now offering a safe ear piercing solution especially for kids. The Kids Line is available from your local Studex partner. With our Kids Line, ear piercings are set with our Studex System75, which is exceptionally gentle. Additionally, this patented system is so quiet, your children will not be startled as their ears are pierced. Of course the piercing studs and earring backs are packaged in sterile cartridges, which your ear piercing specialist inserts directly into the instrument without ever touching the studs with their hands.

The Kids Line—cute daisies, karat gold balls and round April crystals in a bezel setting
Our studs for kids have shorter posts as well as smaller heads and backs, which are ideally suited for small kid ears. The studs don’t just look adorable but they are also made from the highest quality materials—only the best for your kid’s little ears!

We offer these Kids Line studs in a variety of beautiful designs and models: our kid daisies, our classic karat gold balls, or our round April crystals in a bezel setting. The daisies and crystals are goldplated or made from surgical stainless steel.

Make sure you pay close attention to the regular care of your kid’s ears. Our care advice will help you with many good suggestions. It’s especially important to remember not to attach the earring backs too closely to the back of the ear. The Studex System75 ensures that these are set from the start with the ideal distance to the ear (there is a little notch at the end of the earring post). As long as you do not alter this position, enough air will be able to circulate around the ear. This promotes the healing process.

We’re glad to send you addresses of Studex partners in your vicinity. Simply submit your ZIP/postal code and country via email. Please note that it’s our partners’ decision at which age they pierce kids’ ears. Therefore we recommend that you call the respective partner in advance.

We wish your child, with all our hearts, that their earrings bring a lifetime of joy!

You can find more information about ear piercing for children on our Questions & Answers page under “What’s the best age for kids to have their ears pierced?”.