Special Gift Ideas: Ear Piercing with Karat Gold
Does this sound familiar? A special event or festivities are getting closer, but you’re still looking for a few nice gift ideas for the ones you love, your BFF, children, grandchildren or godchildren? Last resort gifts are usually not really something that makes us feel good, since we don’t just want to give anything for the sake of giving. Ideally, a nice gift should bring joy and be remembered. It shouldn’t cost the world, but still be something truly special.

How about a gift voucher for ear piercing with karat gold earrings? This is probably one of the nicest gift ideas you can find for someone who would love to finally wear earrings. And people who’re already wearing earrings will appreciate such a gift certificate just as much, since they can use it to get additional ear piercings—currently a very popular trend. Karat gold earrings are not just a truly special gift, they will be a very precious memory with a lasting value.

Great for small budgets

Those who were thinking “pricey” when reading “karat gold” will love to hear that ear piercing with karat gold earrings comes, in fact, at a very reasonable price at Studex partner stores. Most 14 karat gold (585) piercing earrings are between 39 – 59 Euros per pair, depending on the model you choose. 18 karat gold (750) piercing earrings are between 53 – 79 Euros per pair. Ear piercing is free with the purchase of Studex piercing earrings. A great deal for anyone who doesn’t feel like spending money like water.

Yellow gold or rhodium-plated yellow gold

Special Gift Ideas: First Earrings Made From Karat Gold
When they hear “gold jewelry”, many people automatically think of a yellow-gold color. Our karat gold earrings, however, are not only available in yellow gold, but also in rhodium-plated yellow gold, which has a dazzling white appearance.
The Studex karat gold collection of piercing earrings for the gentle Studex System75, for example, offers earrings with pearl, cubic zirconia, crystals or diamonds in prong or bezel settings or daisy shape made from 14 karat or 18 karat yellow gold or rhodium-plated yellow gold.
At the store, you or the person whom you gave the gift voucher can select a pair of karat gold earrings from the assortment of your local Studex partner.

Why karat gold is ideal for ear piercing

All Studex piercing earrings are well suited for ear piercing, no matter if they are made from karat gold, titanium or surgical stainless steel. That’s because all Studex studs and earrings are hypoallergenic and skin friendly. They meet or exceed European Union standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

Nevertheless, karat gold earrings are something special indeed, since gold simply has a different appeal than the less emotional materials titanium or surgical stainless steel. Gold is classy and exclusive. It can be a symbol of love, prosperity or power. It calls for the whole range of positive associations which we can only hope for with a gift. First earrings made from karat gold are often the first step into the wonderful world of precious jewelry. Therefore, we recommend karat gold, especially if the earrings are a gift.

Special Gift Ideas: Ask Your Studex Partner for Gift Certificates for Ear Piercing

Get Your Gift Voucher Now!

Sounds like a great idea? Then act now to make sure you’ll make that special day a little brighter with a great gift!
Here we go:

  1. Via our contact page, send us your inquiry for addresses of Studex partners for ear piercing with karat gold in your vicinity. Please include your ZIP code and country.
  2. Choose a Studex partner from the list we’ll send you via email.
  3. Buy a gift voucher from that partner. At the same time, you can make an appointment for ear piercing with karat gold earrings.
  4. During the appointment, your Studex partner will ask your gift recipient to select a pair of karat gold earrings. The specialist will explain the ear piercing process, answer any questions, pierce the ears professionally with the modern and gentle Studex System75, and give tips for after piercing care.

Happy gifting!
Your Studex team