Barely noticeable—even for kids
Many moms ask us what the best age is to have their kids’ ears pierced. Some are worried that ear piercing could hurt. In fact, with our Studex® System75™, it doesn’t.

Of course, we all perceive pain differently, but with Studex System75 most people barely notice when their ears are pierced. In addition, its smooth operation makes this system virtually silent, so that kids aren’t startled.

Just like during a doctor’s visit, it’s rather the unknown than the actual treatment that causes some kids to be a little worried. You can spare your kids unnecessary apprehension by avoiding frightening words such us “punching” or “gun”. Instead, say something like, “Let’s get your earrings.” The ear piercing specialist uses a “little earring instrument”.

Cute earrings for little ones
Kids are excited about earrings, especially if they can help choose their own and know that it does not hurt. Another great idea is to give a gift certificate for studs as a surprise. Your kids will remember their first earrings all their lives. We also offer an exclusive Kids Line especially for little kid ears.

Earring specialists who use Studex products are well trained. They only use our sterile and hypoallergenic piercing studs. In addition, they can give you great advice on quality materials. Our partners’ stores are a great place for you and your child to find the perfect high-quality piercing studs with the cutest designs.

We’re glad to send you addresses of Studex partners in your vicinity. Simply submit your ZIP/postal code and country via our contact page. Please note that it’s our partners’ decision at which age they pierce kids’ ears. Therefore we recommend that you call the respective partner in advance.

For more information on ear piercing for kids, go to our Questions & Answers page and check out “What’s the best age for kids to have their ears pierced?”.