Studex is the right place if you value quality and safety when it comes to ear piercings and earrings. As the world’s leading manufacturer of ear piercing systems and earrings, we offer you brand name products and service.

We rely upon and value our partners greatly—jewelry stores, beauty salons and pharmacies—and take utmost care in selecting these. Our partners are well trained and offer you excellent, personal advice—for you or your child. You’re in good hands.

Advantages of the Studex® Ear Piercing Systems

  • Patented piercing instruments and high-quality materials
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Safe, hygienic and quick
  • Sterile, individually sealed cartridges for studs and earring backs
  • A large selection of gorgeous studs and stylish designs
  • All Studex earrings and studs are hypoallergenic and skin friendly.
  • The earring backs allow greater air circulation, which promotes the healing process.
  • Our systems meet or exceed European Union standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

At Safe Ear Piercing we offer a brief introduction to our ear piercing systems.
At After Piercing Care you will find care instructions and information about our after piercing care products.
And at Studs & Earrings we show you some of our piercing studs and fashion earrings.

By the way: We don’t believe in cheap plastic studs, especially when their origin is dubious. Plastic can bend or even splinter when it gets cold. Thus, brand name, high-quality studs are considerably better for your ears and affordable at the same time.

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