2014 Soccer World Cup: Do You Have World Cup Fever Yet?
The Soccer World Cup will start soon, or the “2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil”, as it’s officially called. The 2014 World Cup will take place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13. Do you have World Cup fever yet? And are you equipped like a real fan? Have you thought of fan earrings or pins as well?

Whether you’re traveling to Brazil for the World Cup or watching the matches of your national team at public viewings or at private World Cup parties at home, the Soccer World Cup will definitely be an exciting event again this year and a great opportunity to meet with old and new friends and party. Of course, the typical fan paraphernalia is a must: We’ll certainly see side mirrors of many cars wrapped in national colors again this summer, and national flags will be flown everywhere. Be it the official soccer jerseys of the national teams, hats, scarves, wigs, face paint, temporary tattoos, or wristbands—all that is available for fans in their respective national colors.

2014 Soccer World Cup: Fan Earrings and Pins
Don’t forget matching earrings. If your ears aren’t pierced, that’s no problem at all, since Studex offers soccer fan studs for ear piercing with Studex System75. These are medical piercing earrings which are loaded into a modern, patented precision instrument in a sterile cartridge. The piercing process is gentle, quick, and barely noticeable. This series of piercing studs comes in a soccer ball design or with the German, Swiss, Austrian or Turkish flag.

2014 Soccer World Cup: Germany Stud from the Sensitive by Studex Collection
For everyone who has had their ears pierced, Studex offers regular earrings from their Sensitive by Studex collection. These hypoallergenic earrings are available at about 15 Euros per pair with a soccer ball design or the German, Swiss or Austrian flag.

In addition, Studex provides fan pins for your clothing. You can choose from the following designs: soccer ball and German, Swiss, Austrian or Turkish flag.

The German and Swiss flags represent countries which have qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Germany plays in group G against Portugal, Ghana, and the USA, while Switzerland plays in group E against Ecuador, France, and Honduras. The Austrian and Turkish flags represent the many fans from these countries who will follow the events and party together with other fans. And the soccer ball earring is a universal symbol which can be worn internationally.

Use our contact page to ask for addresses of Studex partners in your vicinity, call our partners to make sure they carry your desired fan earrings or pins, and add them to your fan gear. What an eye catcher for the next World Cup party, especially if you haven’t had your ears pierced yet!

The pins and earrings also make a cool gift idea. You can also get gift certificates for ear piercings at our Studex partner stores.

Click here for an overview of the groups on the FIFA website.
And here’s FIFA’s World Cup Match Schedule.

We wish you all a great 2014 Soccer World Cup!
Your Studex team

background of fan image: tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net