Ear Piercing with Studex

Safe Ear Piercing

The patented Studex ear piercing systems are safe and hygienic. The piercing studs, which actually serve to pierce the ear, come in sterile, individually sealed packaging. These precision instruments can be operated quickly with great ease. In one motion, the ear is pierced, the stud is set, while the earring back is also fixed in place. Meeting or exceeding EU standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) is for us a matter of course.

Studex® System75™

Studex® System75™

The Studex System75 is barely noticeable, virtually silent and thus also ideal for children. It offers the optimum in hygiene: The studs and earring backs are contained within a single-use cartridge, which is inserted directly into the instrument. The cartridge never touches your skin or that of the ear piercing specialist, whether during insertion or removal of the cartridge. The patented technology ensures an especially gentle setting of the ear piercing. For this reason it is also ideal for use on the flat cartilage area of the upper ear. Check out our detailed 12-step description of the ear piercing process with Studex System75.

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